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HALO Laser by Sciton


Lazer Skin 


What is HALO

Breathtaking Results. Award-Winning Technology.


HALO is the world’s only Hybrid Fractional Laser that delivers a non-ablative and an ablative wavelength simultaneously to the same microscopic treatment zone.

As Sciton’s premier technology, HALO combines these two wavelengths to create a strong synergistic effect, resulting in unmatched improvement in the visible signs of skin aging, including fine line and wrinkles, discoloration, the appreance of pores, and acne scars.

Intelligent Energy Delivery

The HALO handpiece includes proprietary skin mapping and measuring software for the device to understand and deliver precise heat delivery.

Measurable Velocity

An optical navigation system captures the motion of the handpiece to synchronize pulse delivery with treatment speed. Instantly, an LED Visual Speedometer provides both visual and audible feedback to ensure optimal velocity for the best outcomes.


Precise, Adjustable Beam Placement

Tune the size (15mm, 7mm, or 4mm) and position (left or right) to deliver laser energy to specific areas, including distinct edges and linear scars.

Dynamic Thermal Optimization

Dynamic Thermal Optimization automatically adjusts the power of each individual 1470nm pulse based on the temperature of the patient’s skin. This feature makes HALO the most precise, safe, comfortable, and consistent non-ablative technology on the market.


The Science Behind HALO



HALO offers several unique proprietary technologies, including:

The 2940 nm wavelength of HALO targets the epidermis (or top layer of the skin) and is tunable from 20μm to 100μm to precisely vaporize tissue in a controlled manner to address textural issues and pore size.

The 1470 nm wavelength of HALO targets the dermis is tunable from 250μm to 700μm to address deeper sun damage, stimulate collagenesis, and remove other dermal pigmentary issues.


Each wavelength can be tuned independently for precise coverage and depth.


How HALO Works

HALO combines ablative & non-ablative wavelengths to address multiple levels of skin concerns in one efficient treatment.

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What Patients Can Expect


Patients treated with HALO experience an improvement frequently referred to as “the HALO Glow.”


Remarkable results are often achieved in a single treatment, while older, non-hybrid technologies typically require 5 to 6 treatments to demonstrate similar results.

Only a topical anesthetic is recommended (no nerve blocks), and patients can resume normal activity within 24 hours after treatment.

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